About us

About DFL Interiors

Our story

Designing your dreams space is exciting but we know it can be somewhat overwhelming
— we’re here to help make it easy and efficient.

DFL Interiors is an integrated design firm that unites a dynamic team of designers, futurists, architects, and industry specialists driven by a singular goal—to help people’s lives and support organizations to succeed.

Our clients are extraordinarily diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit. We help them grow, sustain and transform their spaces: whatever it takes to embrace their future. With our client’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal, we constantly seek new ways to achieve higher standards in the industry. Our design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages the designer and client to work together, share knowledge and imagine new ways to create exceptional design ideas and solutions.

Since August 1994, DFL Interiors has completed more than 1,800 projects in Los Angeles county alone.

Meet our founders

Maloos and Keemia Ferasat are the mother-daughter duo behind DFL Interiors. Their presence, depth of experience, and detailed industry knowledge enables them to identify interior design trends at their source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations, and influence design standards at a personal level for your project.

Their approach combines design and architecture expertise with a unique point of view and strong communications skill set, all while protecting the integrity of a project and meeting the realities of deadlines and budgets. DFL Interiors is established around each client relationship. Whatever the projects size, wherever our clients need us, we’re set up to deliver. Contact us to learn more.

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