Our product lines include the following:


We stock and represent many of the industry’s top fabric houses and travel the world to bring you unique products.

We make sure to carry the most exclusive and unique fabrics available for our clients.

Interior Design Products Fabrics
Interior Design Products Shades


Window shades have come a long way since the days of the roller.

The shades group now is an extensive selection that includes the highly energy efficient honeycomb window shades, elegant Roman shades and uniquely textured woven wood shades.

We provide the elegant Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades™ and an assortment of roman, roller, woven wood, pleated, and convertible shades.


Rods, also called poles, are the largest piece of hardware you’ll need to install and the central piece around which other hardware components are selected.

They serve as the main support for your window treatment. Curtains may be attached to rings or sliders that allow them to move back and forth along the rod or shirred in place on windows where you don’t want the curtains to open. There are many different styles available, ranging from slender concealed rods to thicker, more prominent decorative rods. Thicker rods tend to create more of a visual effect.

If you have a tall wall and a comparatively short window, hang the rod closer to the ceiling to create the illusion of taller windows. Rods that are wider than windows can be used in a similar manner to expand the appearance of width. Consult the chart below to learn more about some of the more commonly used rods.

Interior Design Products Rods
Interior Design Products Trimmings


Trimmings are a great way to finish new furniture and drapery as well as a quick and easy way to update existing items.

Tactile braided silk cord trim will add English elegance to any sofa or draperies, while simple silk borders can lend a modern and graphic edge to furnishings. Our comprehensive range of trimmings will spoil you for choice; the only hard part is how to decide.


We offer a wide selection of materials, styles, textures and colors for horizontal and vertical blinds.

Blinds can be made of wood, aluminum, fabric, or synthetic materials. Horizontal blinds traditionally open from the bottom up; vertical blinds open and close to the side.

Brackets – a form of hardware that serves as both a functional and a decorative element. Brackets may be used as rod supports, or to corral long pull cords. Here are a few examples of blinds.

Interior Design Products Blinds

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